5-Slot Half Size Industrial Chassis,White,W/ACE-4518AP-RS PSU..
4-slot Half Size compact chassis with ACE-870A power supply Пылезащищённый, четырёхслотовый корпус корпус с блоком питания..
4-Slot Half Size Chassis,white,W/ACE-916AP-RS/IP-4S-RS-R30 Пылезащищённый, четырёхслотовый корпус с пассивной шиной (PCISA) и блоком питания..
3-Slot Half Size Chassis,white,W/ACE-916AP-RS/BP-3S-RS-R30..
6-Slot Half-size Industrial Chassis Front Panel with door to protect the system safety; Desk top or wall mount application; Drive Bays: 1x3.5” FDD and 1x3.5” internal HDD drive bay; Cooling Fan: One 8cm cooling fan with removable filter; Dust prevent cover for Floppy drive and USB port,power switch..
3-Slot Half Size Chassis,white,W/IP-3S-RS-R30/ACE-816AP-RS PSU..
2U 6-slot full-size,Black,for PICMG 1.0,w/ACE-832AP-RS..
2 PCI Slots, 1 F/S,Black Color,150W ATX PSU..
2 PCI Slots, 1 F/S,White Color,150W ATX PSU With LCD Module..
2U Mother Board Chassis, Black, w/ACE-832A PWR..
4U ATX MB Rackmount Chassis,Black,W/ACE-832AP-RS PSU..
4U 10-Slot Half Rackmount Chassis,Black..
4U ATX MB Rackmount Chassis,USB,White,..
14-Slot Chassis,White Color,W/ACE-925A..
4U Half-size 7-Slot Rackmount Chassis with 8.4" LCD/TS/ACE-4525AP-RS..
LCD Monitor Stand,Support VESA 75/100,7 to 14 kg Настольное крепление ( Stand Mounting )..
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